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The fully automated revolution in beer dispenser technology.

Made in Austria.

Beerjet can do what no other can

Die Revolution der Zapftechnik

Was Kann der Beerjet?

Erleben Sie die neue Schankkraft

Beerjet Auf St. Pauli

EM 2016 - Public Viewing

The Beerjet is available in many variants

Depending on your requirements and needs – we have the right Beerjet for you.
Whether you want the fix or mobile version, large or small – choose your Beerjet.

Volume with style –
at the touch of a button

When thirsty crowds come in, then Beerjet really shows its power.
You will be pouring faster than your patrons can drink, no matter what you tap from where.

Cups & glasses

Single use and reusable cups or glasses, no matter: Beerjet can serve them all.

Small & large

From 0.3 to 1 liter, from small to large: with Beerjet, size really doesn't matter.

Keg & tank

Beerjet dispenses from keg and tank equally well, whether for fixed or mobile operations.

A real win-win-win machine

Beerjet is a winner for everyone – your patrons, your employees, and yourself.
And with all these advantages, it can definitely keep the profits pouring in:

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Happy patrons.

Because Beerjet cuts the wait – no matter how big the crowds. And as we all know: your patrons would much rather be drinking their beer than waiting for it.

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Precision pouring.

Overpouring? Not a chance! With Beerjet, you tap precisely as much beer as indicated by the setting. And that applies to each individual serving.

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Sales plus.

Instead of pouring themselves, your employees can take better care of your clients at the same time– and drum up additional sales.

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Easy to monitor.

Beerjet records each serving automatically in the system, including the foam button. That makes it easier to keep an immediate check on costs.

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Intuitive Handling.

Working with Beerjet is so simple that you need virtually no prior experience. All of your employees can operate it at the blink of an eye.

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Cleaning included.

The automated self-cleaning operation is more than just easy: it also complies with hygiene regulations and ensures consistently excellent beer quality.

“The club St. Pauli has done many investments to improve the Millerntor stadium. After the opening of the new north side of the stadium we decided to install a new and innovative dispensing technology. The fact that our soccer club is the first one installing this latest technology, emphasizes our urge to continously improve our service.”

Andreas Rettig CEO FC St. Pauli - Millerntor Stadion in Hamburg

“We have already used Beerjet several times at our event location while operating in full capacity. The staff and our guests were very satisfied because every beer could be served quickly and in top quality.”

Ing. Harald Neger Management Ottakringer Events

“The Stieglbrauerei (Stiegl-brewery) uses Beerjet during festivals and events. Thanks to Beerjet we offer our customers an outstanding innovation in the dispensing equipment area, improving the speed at which our Stiegl beer can be tapped. By the way, our Stiegl beers gets tapped perfectly in best Stiegl quality.”

Dkfm. Robert Schraml Manager Brewery and Beverage business Stieglbrauerei Salzburg

“We host more than 3 million guests a year. As a result, we have been looking for a solution to improve the speed of our service. Beerjet exactly meets this requirement.”

Patrick Stützner Manager Mahl 12 Premium Catering Gruppe

“Especially, before the soccer game starts and of course during breaks, there is sometimes a longer time of waiting to service our customers. Thanks to our investment into Beerjet we were able to reduce this waiting period significantly, improving the service for every single customer.”

Peter Thomsen CEO Foerde Show Concept - Caterer St. Pauli

“We chose the Allianz Stadium for the Beerjet because we want to use the cutting edge of technology in the range of dispensing systems. Beerjet is perfect for our needs.”

Harry Gartler Director Stadium Management - Allianz Stadium Vienna

Are you ready for the beer-volution?

Has Beerjet sparked your curiosity? Would you like to see it live, operating in a business setting?
Then please contact us – we welcome the opportunity to speak with you!
Beerjet is going to amaze you. And that’s a promise!

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